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[[♥]] where I am there's no limit. no walls, no ceiling.

x__ if I go will you follow...?

_ ★☆ MAYA ☆★ _ [[♥]] -- Cold Hearted Bitch
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MAYA. 22. May 25th. Heidelberg.
love. life. Starbucks coffee. curious. fangirl. shopping. hair. Japan. sarcastic. pink. random. fanfiction. black. obsession. bands. depression. honest. a good and freaky plan. rain. letters. frogs. confusion. Jrock. busy. lazy. stalking. laughing. Star Wars & Star Trek & Star Gate / Atlantis. Kpop. phone calls. sushi. languages = English. French. Japanese. Latin. intelligent. loyal. outgoing & shy. festivals. reading & writing. travelling. broke. screaming. concerts. Rivella. slash. friends. music. literature. industrial. fashion. pineapple.

fanfiction / fandom.
[Big Bang. Dir en Grey. Death Note. Football. Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Merlin. Star Gate:Atlantis. Star Trek: TOS. Star Trek XI. Supernatural. Tennis.]
[Charles Dickens. J.D. Salinger. Michael Ende. Nicci French. Patricia Cornwell. William Shakespeare.]
[Football. Snowboard. Tennis.]
[Bradley James. Catherine Zeta-Jones. Chris Pine. Christian Bale. Die. Fernando Torres. g-dragon. Guti. Jackson Rathbone. Johnny Depp. Kaoru. Karl Urban. Keanu Reeves. Novak Djokovic. Orlando Bloom. Sergio Ramos. T.O.P. Zachary Quinto.]
ongoing, very serious obsessions
[Ronon. Spock.]

"Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
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Aural Vampire. Ayabie. Calmando Qual//Twisted Clock. Deathgaze. Dir en Grey. Gackt. Gazette. girugämesh. kagrra. LM.C. Lycaon. Megamasso. Miyavi. -oz-. Rentrer en soi. Scar. Schwarz Stein. Screw. SKULL. Suicide Ali. SuG. The Candy Spooky Theater. Velvet.
2ne1. B1A4. Beast. Big Bang. g-dragon. SHINee. Super Junior. T-ara. Teen Top. T.O.P. U-KISS.
30 Seconds to Mars. Apoptygma Berzerk. Apulanta. Combichrist. Cheryl Cole. Deathstars. Dope Stars Inc. Editors. Emilie Autumn. Gossip. Gwen Stefani. HIM. Kylie Minogue. Lady Gaga. Lady Sovereign. Lil Wayne. Lola Angst. Lovex. Negative. Peter Fox. Placebo. Private Line. Rammstein. Robyn. Tactical Sekt. Terminal Choice. The 69 Eyes. The Who. Welle:Erdball. Xotox. Ying Yang Twins.

Batman//The Dark Knight. Bunraku. Chicago. Cloverfield. Death Note I&II. Die Hard I&III. Equilibrium. Harry Potter. Interview with the Vampire. Lord of the Rings I-III. Love actually. Pirates of the Caribbean I. Sherlock Holmes. Smokin' Aces. Speed. Star Gate:Atlantis. Star Trek II-VI & Star Trek XI. Star Wars IV-VI. Sweeney Todd. The Lion King. Tonari no Totoro. Transformers//Revenge of the Fallen. Triple X. Van Helsing. X Men I-III. X-Men: First Class. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

~ things I'm gonna do before I die ~
~the adventures~
~fandom collection post~
I ♥ my dear wife Kanon [[8th/9th of December 07]]. ♥

life is simple. you make decisions and don't look back.
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